Blue Fruit Suppliers

supplier of fresh class A berries

Why let Blue Fruit market products for you?

Blue Fruit International is a business run by an experienced team who are committed to providing the highest quality service. We have a unique understanding of the marketplace through our large supply and customer base enabling us to give complete customer satisfaction.  We offer a personal 24/7 hands-on, professional service maintaining successful strong relationships with growers and customers alike. Where possible we try to work exclusive branded products of the highest quality standard from our established approved world-wide supply chain.

We have an excellent track record of marketing fresh produce with lots of satisfied Growers,  both in the UK and overseas, getting the best possible prices and returns.  All our sales are on an open-book policy, with no hidden costs, purely on a no sell – no fee policy.

Blue Fruit International has a lot to offer by not just supplying the product, but also providing the advice and information which is vital in today’s competitive and changing environment.

References can be given, although due to the nature of the business, we remain confidential in our dealings to protect all parties concerned.

Let Blue Fruit help you market your produce

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